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Exhibitions and other notable achievments


May La Tiganci exhibition, Paul Hitter Gallery Bucharest

September Exhibition Paul Hitter Balkanic Festival Bucharest
June Exhibition Paul Hitter-Serena Raggi Artxpert Bucharest
April Exhibition Latcho Divano Festival Marseille
April Exhibition Artxpert Bucharest
January Exhibition Artxpert Pasadena
January Exhibition Salt Lake City

October Exhibition Artxpert Gallery Bucharest
June Exhibition Paul Hitter-Marina Obradovic
May Exhibition Gogol Bordello Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas
March Exhibition Artxpert Gallery Bucharest

October Exhibition in Prague National Theatre
May Exhibition in Paris-Rona Hartner Concert
Co Producer of the documentary film Exil about the life and works of Paul Hitter
January, Paul Hitter exhibition Urban Drawings, Bucharest

November Group Exhibition Alternative Maentichkeit, Galena Patrizia Zewe
August exhibition La Kumpania Festival St Ybars, France
February Group Exhibition Cranium, Bucharest
March Paul Hitter exhibition Kunsthauss Schramm Starnberg
March Paul Hitter exhibition Folk Galerie Patrizia Zewe, Munchen

February Diplome exhibition at the Art Academy Munich
February exhibition with Taraf de Haidouks concert, Bucharest
February Group Exhibition Figure in Figure Out, Bucharest
March exil goes France, Latcho Divano, Les Varietes, Marseilles
May Balkanic Twist Festival, Bucharest
November Group Exhibition Silence Kills, Art yourself gallery, Bucharest

Mai, Exil-Peasant Museum Bucharest
July Yearly exhibition at the art Academy Munich
September, Exil La Schigera Milano

February, Austellung in Kunst Haus Schramm, Starnberg
April, Living Room Show, Doonersberger Str. 49, Munchen
July, Yearly exhibition at the Art Academy Munich

Giesinger Bahnhof Lefthanders International Day
Yearly exhibition at the Art Academy Munich

2007 Yearly exhibition at the Art Academy Munich

2006 Blood Sweat and Tears Paintings, Cafe Usw Munchen

2005 Munchener Feierwerk

Album Cover

The Balkanik Gospel

Music album by Rona Hartner

Album Cover


Music album by Antwerp Gypsy Ska Orchestra

Album Cover

Black Panther

Music album by Antwerp Gypsy Ska Orchestra

Album Cover

Onwards to Mars

Music album by Fanfare Ciocârlia


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